Training with a Waist Trainer for Summer Body

>> Sunday

Thanks to Kim Kardashian and many other celebrities including several fitness models all over Instagram, waist training is all the craze. I've been waist training for about a year now and absolutely love it. I have also come to realize that there are a few different ways you can waist train--it's just up to you!

How to Waist Train
I think the first step is to explain waist training or the traditional way to waist train. Traditional waist training is when you wear a corset to give your body an hourglass shape. The corset is cinched extremely tight (which can be uncomfortable for some) and alters your organs to make your waist look smaller than it is. OUCH!

Today, waist training has taken on a whole new (and less extreme) way of getting that hour glass shape we all desire. The waist trainers that you see Instagram models wear are actually a latex cincher that is way more comfortable. So comfortable that you can wear it while you work out or while you relax on the couch binge watching your favorite Netflix show. The latex waist trainer actually smooths and flattens your tummy, making it look more toned.

Types of Waist Trainers
The fun thing about waist trainers is that they come in all different colors, shapes, patterns, and designs. It is a great way to show off your personal style! There is everything from cheetah print waist trainers, waist trainer tanks, and even ones that zip instead of have clasps. Check out some of my favorites that I've personally used:

                                  Cheetah Print Waist Cincher $24.88

                       Colorful Waist Trainer with Clasps $14.99

Can I Work Out With a Waist Trainer?
Absolutely. Most waist trainers are perfect for squatting or lifting weights. As a matter of fact, many waist trainers help to keep your back straight and abs tight. However, it is not recommended to wear your waist trainer for more than 8 hours, during cardio, or for ground workouts like Yoga. The waist trainer may prohibit flexibility or mobility making these exercises more difficult.

The good news is that when you sweat, your body is burning even more calories with the waist trainer! Just remember to eat clean, drink water, and try to exercise at least three days per week. If you decide that you do want some extra help while sweating it out or just to kill time while vacuuming (yes, I've worn mine while cleaning) here are some that won't break the bank:

                                   Velcro Waist Cincher $4.99

                        Cute Zipper Waist Trainer $7.99


Dress to Impress! This Season's Most Wanted Dresses

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>> Saturday

Entry by Kaylovestoshop

Just got back from my favorite place to shop for great deals....Goodwill!  Gotta dig to find them though. Anywho everything was half off today. Slinky black glitter cardigan $1.49 Dolce and Gabana black bag $4 Short plaid Fall coat $1.99 Silk polka top $1.49 Striped Button-Up $1.49 and all earrings $.99! Grand total $13.43!! 


Summer Styles for your Boyfriend

>> Thursday

Straw Fedora hats (worn frontward or backwards)
V-neck tees
Plaid button up shirts
Skinny jeans
Dark shades

Pair these looks with the previous girl styles from Monday's beauty blog and you two will be the hottest couple on the block this summer!


Tuesday's Bargain Outfit of the day

>> Tuesday

My outfit on such a rainy cloudy day!

Reddish Orange boyfriend blazer

White skinny jeans

Wedge sandals
Rugged Wearhouse

Reddish Orange nail polish

Zebra print umbrella


Monday Beauty Blog

>> Monday

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Maxi Dresses
Bright blue polish
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